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DY & Partners Inc. is a Financial Services Company partnered with Business Financing , M & A Consulting and Rental Property Investments Services Companies. We work with Clients nationwide and globally while recruiting and mentoring Financial Advisors to become team members of DY & Partners


  • 1991: Don Yu Insurance & Financial Planning Inc. was founded by Don Yu with 20 years of manufacturing & trading business experiene.

  • 1999: Don Yu Insurance & Financial Planning Inc. was renamed DY&Partners Inc. with approximately 100 financial advisors.

  • 2005: Established Rental Property Investment Management Company.

  • 2011: Established Merging and Acquisition Services.

Message to Financial Advisors

October 1, 2014

Dear Partners,

As the globalized economy is going through growing pains around the world, approximately three trillion dollars of assets will exchange hands from the aging generations to their younger generations during the next 30 years in Canada where professional financial planners will be in high demand for helping Canadians achieve their financial goals and targets.

Our traditional role of preventing financial problems is always for people dying too soon, living too long and being disabled. Looking at the past 40 years, statistics have shown on average, Canadians live an extra 10 years longer with the majority living with loss of health and little money after retirement and beyond . Canadians are expected to live longer and longer and eventually some baby boomers and younger generations of 40's may be believed to live beyond 100 years of age.

Since 1996, DY & Partners have envisioned to pioneer Inter-Generational Estate Strategic Planning (IGESP) for optimizing financial gains with the reality of the current rapidly changing world economy and evolving Canadian demography for Financial Planners to implement the IGESP with their clientele.

Through our Statements of Mission, Vision and Quality Control, DY & Partners are committed to sharing ideas and strategies with Financial Planners to help Canadians assess their financial status, set up financial goals, implement diversified financial planning and prosper financially from generations to generations.

Warmest Regards,

DY & Partners

Don Yu, CFP
President & CEO

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